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Within the mind of a genius...

Strictly Tim Burton themed. I'd like to mention that Coraline is not a Tim Burton film, so please do not ask me to post things from Coraline.
If you're looking for a certain movie just look it up in the search bar. Straight forward enough, I'd like to think.
Finally and most importantly, none of what is posted is mine unless stated.
Jul 31 '14
Jul 31 '14
Beetlejuice, Comic Con 2014

Beetlejuice, Comic Con 2014

Jan 18 '14
Dec 25 '13
Dec 22 '13

kapten-krok asked:

This blog is like heaven for all Tim Burton-fans, I love it!

Thank you :)

Nov 15 '13
Nov 9 '13

Johnny Depp on set of Sweeney Todd


Johnny Depp on set of Sweeney Todd

(Source: becauseitsjohnnydepp)

Nov 5 '13
  • Barbara: Where are all the other dead people in the world? Why is it just you and me?
  • Adam: Maybe this is heaven.
  • Barbara: In heaven there wouldn't be dust on everything.
Oct 30 '13

help-mad-martha asked:

Hi. I am reaching out to you trying to build support for my cousin, and artist known as Mad Martha. Her work is inspired by artists like Tim Burton. Would you please consider supporting her Kickstarter campaign for help creating Death's Daughter and the Basket of Kittens, 64-page color picture book. She says it will be an adorable coming of age tale (and apocalyptic bloodbath) starring the Grim Reaper's daughter. Thank you! Alan
Oct 29 '13

veilofthemoon asked:

This blog is beautiful. <3

Thanks :)